Monday, August 11, 2008

Tokeneke Classic

Brenda does a pre-flight check on her ultra-light climbing machine.

Brenda, Silke, and Michele lined up with 50 women to race 44 miles with 4800 feet of climbing around the scenic Barkhamsted Reservoir in Connecticut. The women raced with te 55+ men. Team IF led the field at the start, working to maintain a good position going into the first climb up bumpy Beach Rock Road at mile 8. The pack started to come apart a bit over the length of the climb but regrouped only to split decisively at the QOM (end of the first lap). Silke was on the front side of the split with multi-time national champion Anne Marie Miller and four very strong riders from the Radical Media. By the final climb the front group was down to five women and one 55+ guy.

Brenda was driving the second group up the final climb.

Silke finished second behind Anne-Marie while Brenda sprinted in for 13th.

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