Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bear up!

Here are some cool pics from the Bear Mountain Spring Classic on May 11, 2008, courtesy http://www.teamorganicnyc.org/. The women's P123 race was a war of attrition and after 4 loops there were only 17 out of 55 starters left to contest the bunch sprint. Trying to follow cyclocross rocket Rebecca Wellons to the line I promptly ended up in the grass and headed straight for the timing tent. I quickly recovered and got my wheels back on smooth pavement, but it was too late and the race was over by then. Speaking of wheels: The new Mavic R-Sys wheels are awesome! They are extremely light, stiff, yet very smooth, and handle very well on the road and off. I don't think they are intended to be ridden off road, but it's good to know they can stand the abuse should the situation arise (remember the Tour of the Hilltowns last year?!).

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